The cellular memory is what constitutes us. We are full of cells and each one of our cells is filled with what and who we are: our memories, our beliefs, our genealogy, our lives (in all planes and all incarnations, as well yesterday as tomorrow), our pains, our illnesses, our youth, etc.  This is why, having so many painful memories, our cells can be blocked: the energy does not circulate any more as it should. And often, discomforts, even illnesses, appear. According to Chinese Medicine, it is our Spleen that controls the cellular memory and…our Immune System.  I let you do the connection! Negative thoughts and emotions oxidize our cells, which in turn depletes our defences! 

Liberation process of our cellular memory 

     When we surrender to the Intelligence of the Light, our cells open up and welcome the Light. This enables the density to be less opaque even dissolved totally. All depends on the impregnation of the difficulty to overcome, because according to our path, we have blockages more or less difficult and more or less numerous.  It is then essential to proceed step by step. Let’s take the example of a tree: if you wish to uproot it, you will not start directly at the root but you will begin to prune it. Once “lightened”, you will be able to reach the root. It is the same for us, human beings! Moreover, according to our beliefs and our trust in life, the liberation of our cellular memory will be done more or less easily. Hence, we need a little patience and perseverance! 

The liberation process of our cellular memory is done thanks to:

A mantra: the mantra enables our mind to be deprogrammed. When you pronounced it, your “Light Body” can “BE” and hence help with the liberation. A breathing: the breathing enables to be in the present moment and only in the present moment. The life breath is in the present moment. The connection to Self (present moment): to be in our Heart Chakra allows the liberation of the cellular memory to take place without intellectualising it. 

Our different bodies  

     We are made of a physical body, for sure, but also of subtle bodies: 

* The Etheric Body, 

* The Emotional Body, 

* The Mental Body, 

* The Astral Body, 

* The Causal Body, 

* The Christic Body, 

* The Divine Body.

     All these bodies are interconnected and depend one from the other. This is why there is a chain reaction from one to the other when our cells come across blockages. 

The liberation of our cellular memory: the anti-virus!

      In our emotional body, we could say that there are some types of “viruses”, like the viruses one may find in a computer. They enter the emotional body and block, paralyse little by little the whole “system”, all our other bodies. These viruses can basically have different forms:  a vision, a contact, an experience, etc. that generates fear. When we are in a state of fear, we “block” everything. This blockage will end up reaching our physical body. The more blockages we accumulate, the more we will manifest difficulties such as anger, hatred, fear or even jealousy. And the more we react to these “viruses”, the more we will “fabricate” pain, illnesses, and discomforts. Of course, all of this happens unconsciously. 

     These “viruses” explain also the mirror effect that we sometimes live in our lives, with certain people and certain situations. Indeed, if you meet someone who is a “carrier” of these same viruses as you have, you will live the mirror effect. Your viruses are similar.  They recognize and challenge each other. You may hence live very uncomfortable situations in order to understand the “viruses” that you carry so as to be able to liberate yourselves of them. The less you stand a person or a situation, the more that person or that situation will switch on your viruses! 

The liberation of our cellular memory is quite simply the “anti-virus”

     It enables us to liberate ourselves from all those blockages (conscious or unconscious) and TO BE ourselves totally. Our task of all of us consists to liberate ourselves by the connection to ourselves. This is why it is important to be aware of what we live and be honest and transparent with ourselves. This allows to perceive those famous “viruses” and to succeed to liberate us more rapidly and more easily. Our body talks to us. It is up to us to listen to it, to be curious and to liberate it. 

Regarding children 

     Between 0 and 7 years: the child integrates the mother’s frequencies. As a mother, we represent the feminine side, we send signals to our children. The children are in complete osmosis with their mother’s frequencies. Hence, they are also confronted to her “viruses”. 

     Between 7 and 14 years: the child integrates the father’s frequencies. It is the same as for the mother, but the signals are from the masculine side. 

     Afterwards, the children are becoming more autonomous. That means that the child will continue to follow its conscience process but the parents’ frequencies will not interfere anymore. It is thus interesting for the parents to liberate the memory inscribed in their cells as this will allow the child to be lighter. Indeed, if the parents have done a process of liberation of their cellular memory, the children will not be affected anymore. 

     As everything is connected, microcosm and macrocosm, the child will not need anymore to fabricate behaviours or illnesses to go forward in his/her life path. Our present difficulties can proceed from traumatic situations of our life, but they can also take their source in our past lives, our ancient memories. What has happened to us, what we have done, said, thought, leaves a blueprint in our cells, in our subtle bodies.  The information is crystallized in our cellular memory (or karma), and it follows us from life to life. It can generate ill being, illnesses that we cannot explain. This memory can also provoke blockages: lack of self-confidence, anger, and anxiety… 

The cellular memory

     Each cell contains all the DNA information, but it encodes only part of it. For example, the cells of the eyes, even if they contain all the DNA information, they will only decode and express the part concerning the eyes. Thanks to Quantum Physics, it is possible to study matter going further and further in the infinitely small. On the cellular level, the exploration of the core leads us to the DNA. At the extremity of the codons composing the DNA, we find strands of telomeres made of light energy. All the cells emit a light ray. At the level of the cell membrane, neuropeptides are being secreted to allow the circulation of the information between the cells. And it is the light energy associated to the neuropeptides that represent the cell conscience.  This cellular conscience carries life’s information.

     To resume, each cell is made of light energy (containing information) and communicates with the other cells via the neuropeptides. The whole of what is memorized in the cells is transmitted to the brain by liquid fluxes (blood and lymph). Our body resembles a vast communication web. 

What information is being memorized in the cells?

      Everything, absolutely everything is memorized in the cells. The capacity of the cellular memory is immense, and it stores all the information, everything we have lived or felt since our conception, our intra-uterine life, our birth, our infancy, our youth, and our adult life up to the present instant. This memory does not stop at what we have lived.  Indeed, we proceed from two cells: one from our father and one from our mother. This is why we carry also the baggage of our parents, and of our ancestors. The information is transmitted from generation to generation. 


      Time is cyclic. We can observe the alternance of day and night, the seasons, the moons cycles. Every event of a very great intensity (positive or negative) occurring during a specific moment or a specific age will mark our cells. At the anniversary date of this event, we will feel the effects (positive or negative). This cyclic phenomenon applies also to our descendance, because the information is transmitted through DNA. And this is why, at an anniversary date or at the same age as our grandparents, we relive identical emotions when we start the same illness. There is scheme of repetitions. 

What are the domains concerned by the cellular memory?

      Everything that happens to you, everything you feel is inscribed in the cellular memory. And the information is going to be stored and create a belief (or way of thinking) limiting or helping. For example, if during your infancy you were submerged by a wave at the beach. This will trigger in the toddler that you are an enormous fright. This acute feeling will inscribe itself at your cell level that water is dangerous. You will consequently be afraid of water. And even once a grown up, this fear is still engraved in your cells and it is going to continue to trigger an apprehension of water.  It becomes a limiting belief.  When you will have children, certain will have received this information, which explains the fear of water present in certain babies without any triggering traumatic event. Everything is thus engraved in the memory of the cells, and it expresses itself by emotional blockages or physical problems.  

     The cellular memory concerns hence: 

Lack of self-confidence 




Unexplained fears in babies 




Skin problems: eczema, psoriasis, warts 

Digestive problems: diarrhea, constipation, irritable colon …


Joint pains… 

Can we change the information contained in the cellular memory? 

     That’s the good news! It is possible to act on that information contained in the core of the cell! The cells have a form of intelligence because they are capable of storing information. By establishing a connection with the cell, it is possible to go back the source of the traumatic event (whether it happened in your life or that of your ancestors) and to be aware of it. This conscience awareness will enable to understand that information is no longer required to be stored, that it is not valid anymore. Let’s go back to the example of the child who is afraid of water. When he was a toddler, this fear played a “security” role; he was not going alone near the edge of the water. However, when he became an adult, he learned to swim and he is not afraid anymore to do a few lengths in the swimming pool. Except that he cannot do it, his apprehension of water prevents him to enter the water. His cells have kept in their memory the danger of water, and he cannot overcome this. 

What can be done? 

Several questions can be approached during a session A specific physical problem (eczema, pains) An emotional state that disturbs you (for example a lot of sadness felt) A repetitive pattern in your life or passed on from generation to generation (for example a difficulty to conceive present in several generations, violent companions) During the session, I put you in regression and connect myself (I am a Medium) to your youth, infancy and even past lives to find the origin of the situation. I perceive images that reveal to me the trauma(s) you lived in your past at the origin of your present physical and/or emotional situation. I then transmit this information to you, which enables you to be aware of the problem, to make peace with this part of yourself.  We then proceed together to transmute this information crystallized in the core of the cell. The cellular memory is then modified.  

Who for? 

For all those who want to work in depth, and who want to understand what is happening in their life, those who want to transform their beliefs (thought patterns whether conscious or unconscious) and thus improve their life quality.