International Bestseller Author

FIRST BOOK  "ONE - Your Wellness Guide to Body, Mind and Soul". Bestseller.

"ONE is a unique collaboration between international experts from different fields of Health and Wellness, all focusing on bringing balance between mind and body.  Each of them gifting their knowledge and know-how in their field in the hope of helping others on their journey.  A winning combo of brilliant minds gathered for ONE mission: making the world a healthier, happier and therefore a better place to live in, for us and above all for our children.  ONE body, ONE mind, ONE soul aligned together as ONE."

SECOND BOOK  "AHAVAH - A Woman rising to a New Dawn". Bestseller.

Ahavah is Martine's Hebrew name.  It means Love.  Ahavah is Martine's story.  It is the story of each woman.  Many women will identify with Ahavah and surely many men will too.  It is the story of a woman who goes through life, struggling, fearing, falling and surviving when she finally decides she had enough and starts learning, trusting, loving and finally rising.  It is the story of her life, where she depicts in all sincerity her ever-continuous healing process and the journey her Soul wanted her to experience to finally be able to rise to a new dawn.  Ahavah is not an ordinary book.  Ahavah is a message of hope and love for every single human being who deeply wishes to go from fear to faith and be who he or she wants to be!

THIRD BOOK  "AHAVAH - The Keeper of the Keys"  is her third solo book, to be published on 24th June 2023..  The Keeper of the Keys is a legacy of Love and Rites, to heal ourselves and others.  It explains in four parts the various keys that have helped her to own her life and be her own Keeper.  These four parts will guide you like a road map and offer you the possibility to find the treasures hidden in your Soul, bring them forth into the Light, and continue your journey to BE-come your True Self.