Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine

The Ancient Traditional and Classical Techniques carried out in AHAVAH ACADEMY are Acupunture, which consists in the stimulation of certain points of Energy with fine needles, Dietotherapy, which focuses on treatment with food, Moxibustion, based on the application of heat using Moxa, and Tuina, Chinese Physiotherapy, which helps to treat all kinds of physical injuries and contractions, Qi Gong, which enables you, through slow movements and breathing, to accumulate Qi/Energy and guide it with your Intention where your Attention is focused. Other techniques include Qi Nei Zang (liberating Energy stagnating in the belly due to blocked negative emotions) and Wai Qi Liao Fa (Energy transfer).

The treatments of Chinese Cosmetology or Mei Rong are also proposed in the Academy. Mei Rong was originally created as an anti-age system for members of the Emperor's Court. Beauty reflects itself inside out.  In Chinese Cosmetic Therapy, beauty is the expression of inner health. Thus Chinese Cosmetology is a cosmetic therapy based on the principles and techniques of Ancient Traditional and Classical Chinese Techniques to rejuvenate and balance the body from the inside out.