The purpose of this Complete Healing Program is to raise the Vitality Level and the Vibratory Level in preparation for the Cellular Memory Liberation and DNA Reprogram. The Healing Program comprises 5 Phases: 1. PHYSIOLOGICAL AND METABOLIC COUNSELING - Nutritional and Micro-nutritional Evaluation including Detox Program and Protocol 2. EMOTIONAL COUNSELING - Recognition and Acceptance of negative emotions, Difference between Mental and Energetic Brain, WuWei or Principle of Non-Action to let go of negative emotions 3. ENERGETIC COUNSELING - Teaching of Qi Gong Techniques to increase the Energy Level 4. METAPHYSICAL COUNSELING - Teaching of various meditations leading to the Cellular Memory Liberation and DNA Reprogramming 5. SPIRITUAL COUNSELING - Spiritual Teaching leading to the Ascension and Passage in 5D (5th Dimension) The whole program takes between 4 and 5 months, depending how fast your organism (body, mind and soul) is able to assimilate, integrate and apply the various new concepts introduced.

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