BE-come is a Residential Energy Alchemy Training in 3 modules of 3 days each. Nine days during which the opportunity will be given to you to learn how to: • Own your Life • Connect with your Soul Rights to BE YOU BE-come will present you with the keys that can help you to (re)connect with your Life and BE your own Keeper as well as the possibility to re-align your Mind, Body, and Soul. Life is not about finding yourself! It is about creating yourself! BE-Come is based upon the teachings and the teachings’ practical applications presented in the author’s recently published new bestseller “Ahavah – The Keeper of the Keys”, (by Martine de Petter, D.A.) The various Keys contained in these three modules will guide you like a road map and offer you the possibility to find the treasures deeply hidden in your Soul, bring them forth into the Light, and connect you with your Soul Rights to own your life and BE your unconditioned True Self! These Keys are life-changers. They will help you tremendously not only to transform your life but to transmute it too! They will turn your life around forward and upward to the next level, through a complete metamorphosis of your whole being, of your human trinity i.e., body, mind, and soul. Once you step onto the path of transmutation, there is no going back to your old ways as you will have transcended them to BE-come who you always have been, are and will be, i.e., YOU!

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