"We are what we eat!" This sentence is a cliché. However it revealed itself very accurate more than once amongst the patients visiting the Academy for therapies. Hippocrates (460 - 377 AC) wrote: "May your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food!" Indeed certain ailments, physical and psycho-emotional, were recurring after successful Acupuncture or Tuina treatment due to inadequate food intake, inappropriate for your type of energetic terrain or your actual illness. Therefore the knowledge of the Chinese Dietotherapy Concepts, completely different from Occidental Diet Principles, is absolutely invaluable to re-balance your organism and recuperate your health. This Seminar presents in 9 sections all is needed to make your alimentation your life partner for a thriving health, free of aches and illnesses. The Seminar is spread over 6 weeks, 4 hours per week.

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