The Inner Alchemy is a very powerful Taoist Art used by the adepts and students to gather, store and circulate the Energies of the Human Body. Our body becomes a temple where our Three Treasures, Jing (Essence), Qi (Energy) and Shen (Spirit) are being cultivated with the final aim to attain Longevity (Body and Mind) and deepen our connection with Nature and the Universe (Tao). To return to our Inner Centre and make One with the Universe, the Taoist Inner Alchemy uses the following tools: - Qi Gong, and in particular Nei Gong - Yi Yin Fa - Blood Cleansing - Breathing - Meditation One basic principle in Energy never to forget: "It is your Intention that moves the Energy where your Attention is focused." The sessions can be done collectively (25,- euros/person/hour) or individually (50,- euros/person/hour). For better results, individual sessions of one hour per week (two at the most) are recommended to attend to specific individual needs. A few days are necessary between sessions to enable body and mind to integrate the concepts learned. A rythme of one session per week is ideal for optimum assimilation.

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